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We are an image and brand consulting team helping individuals and small businesses discover and project their signature style.




Meet Natalie Weakly


When I was young, my mother sent me to every etiquette training imaginable with the warning, “At any moment you could dine at the President’s table.” Considering the fact that I grew up climbing trees and plotting what I could sell to fund my candy addiction, you can imagine my mom’s desire to gently shove her daughter in the general direction of Emily Post.

Though my entrepreneurial spirit showed itself at a young age and I learned early the importance of appropriateness (thank you mom and Ms. Post!), I was certainly a late bloomer in the style department. I’m grateful reality shows and What Not to Wear were not around yet!… Read More


What Can We Do For You?


Corporate Branding

The noise in today’s marketplace is deafening. What can be heard above the noise is a clear, consistent message projected through every avenue of your business. Learn how your company can project impact.



Image Consulting

In work, relationships, and everyday life your personal brand is the one constant. You’ve heard it takes six seconds to make a first impression – what message are you sending? Find out how you can project yourself.



Speaking & Events

Signature Style is available to present on a variety of topics ranging from the importance of personal branding, projecting an effective impression, etiquette, dressing for success, and making an impact with clients.


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What Our Clients are Saying 



“After running a successful jewelry business for twelve years, I found myself needing to better focus my business brand, rather than trying to be everything to everyone. Natalie not only offered an impartial third-party perspective to help me define the AMD business brand”…   Read More

Andrea M. Jewelry Designer


“Natalie is an expert in professionalism and the fashion that is necessary for a professional appearance. For the past two years, Natalie has delivered a dynamic presentation to our law students educating and inspiring them on ways to confidentially prepare for and dress for an”…   Read More

Allison R. Asst.Dean of Career Dev


“I love my new look! It hasn’t been as hard to maintain as I had expected and the benefits are huge. The biggest surprise for me is the increase in confidence. I have actually even been catching the ladies checking me out more often with my new look which has been fun. Thank you for”… Read More

Jonathan P. Geologist