Meet Natalie Weakly



When I was young, my mother sent me to every etiquette training imaginable with the warning, “At any moment you could dine at the President’s table.” Considering the fact that I grew up climbing trees and plotting what I could sell to fund my candy addiction, you can imagine my mom’s desire to gently shove her daughter in the general direction of Emily Post.

Though my entrepreneurial spirit showed itself at a young age and I learned early the importance of appropriateness (thank you mom and Ms. Post!), I was certainly a late bloomer in the style department. I’m grateful reality shows and What Not to Wear were not around yet!

It wasn’t until after college when I entered a client-facing job where my image really mattered that I began focusing on my personal style. I started seeing results in both how I looked and how I felt and I wanted others to feel the same effects. I finally understood the importance of looking good and feeling confident! That it takes six seconds for someone to form a first impression. That how you look sends a message to others of how they should treat you.

I soon worked with friends and colleagues on finding their personal style that until then had been stuck between the pages of every fashion magazine you can imagine.

Yes, I may have had more than one meltdown in my closet as an adult before I learned how to build an effective wardrobe, what looked good on me, and how to mix and match styles for a polished look. But through observing, reading, training, and trial and error over several years, I developed a skill that others noticed and wanted.

After 10 years in corporate America, I launched Signature Style to pursue my passion of helping individuals and small businesses achieve their goals by projecting the best version of themselves into the world. My clients most often comment that they are excited and surprised by the immediate, positive impact felt when identifying and achieving their personal image goals. When I’m not with clients I can be found sharing advice on TV, speaking to big and small groups, giving you tips and trends on my blog, and enjoying my tiny intern and family here in Houston, TX. I absolutely love what I do and I’m ready to help you look and feel great every day with a signature style of your own. Unless, of course, I’m dining with the



A Little More About Natalie

First business… Ripping up my parent’s monkey grass at 6-years-old and selling it to the neighbors.

Beauty product must… Mascara

Favorite clothing item that I could never live without… Heels

Learning… To take better photos… and to be a new Mom

Best reads in recent years… Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand and Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

Loves to… Sing. Cook. Create.

Addicted to… Color. The Olympics. Learning. Reading. Jelly Bellies.

Instant Good Mood Song… Your Love (Josie) – The Outfield